Basil Icon collection – Basil BV

This successfully remade basket (black steel, 3 sizes) is upgraded with modern functionalities. Mounted lengthwise with the new universal WSL system it fits on any carrier rack. Super quick, super safe and patented. Adjust 4 intelligent feet and tighten 4 screws – done!

Icon collection accessories attach to the inside of the basket, personalize it and aid safety:

  • Basil keep-dry rain cover: 100% waterproof, reflection on four sides. Easy to use due to elastic bottom.
  • Basil keep-shoppers: strong, modern and come in 4 colours. The missing link between bike, shop and kitchen.
  • Basil keep-in-place elastics: come in 5 colours. Your magazine, wallet or water bottle will keep in place.


Basil Icon