Doelgroep waarvoor de fiets in het bijzonder is bestemd:

Unisex bike designed for all genders, age range is 30-55+ years old, for efficient commuting, leisure use and/or daily use. Ideal for an active lifestyle.

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Gebruikte materialen voor frame en onderdelen:

Aluminum frame 4Amp Travel charger 80 Nm mid-drive motor Rotation and torque sensor Hydraulic disc brakes Full color LCD display 60mm suspension fork 35 Lux lighting + Q light Ring lock included Suspension seat post MIK-HD rear carrier 27kg

Omschrijving innovatieve elementen / eigenschap(pen):

Aspecten waarop de inzender speciaal de aandacht wil vestigen:

Makes you want to ride - Thanks to the unmistakable QWIC design and riding comfort, every ride with the Mira is irresistible. The distinctive frame allows for a low step-in. Inserting and removing the battery is hassle-free thanks to the carrying strap. Versatile use - The Mira is an extremely versatile e-bike. First ride the kids to school and then bring home the groceries. The MIK HD luggage rack system makes it easy to effortlessly mount or remove various accessories with just a click. Unsurpassed riding comfort - The front fork suspension, wide tires and seat suspension makes bumps in the road disappear. The upright riding position relaxes the upper body and gives a good overview of the road. The fully QWIC developed battery with a capacity of 522 Wh to 756 Wh allows versatile riding pleasure without having to worry about the battery charge. The Mira comes standard with a portable charger that allows you to charge the battery on the go. The battery can also be charged with QWIC's innovative, award-winning charging station, which charges the battery in a record-breaking three hours in a user-friendly and intuitive way.

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