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Mio Cyclo Discover Pal

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Onderdelen & accessoires

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Sep. 6, 2021

€ 349,99

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In 2022 Mio will celebrate its 10th anniversary of Cyclo bike navigation systems. This is done by introducing the latest Mio Cyclo Discover series member; Mio Cyclo Discover Pal for recreational bike riding use. Equipped with Surprise Me, Europe maps, NeverMiss function, integrated route planner service like Komoot, Strava and RouteYou and two brand new features integrated knooppunten function and a feature we call WeJoin.

So what is making the Pal innovative?

User friendly
We at Mio strive for simplicity and easy to use products. The latest Mio Cyclo Discover Pal is running on an Android platform making it as fast as a smartphone to work with. The Mio Discover Pal is using a 2.8″ touchscreen color display with IPX7 waterproof. With large digits and simple menu structure, it is easy for users to use based up on an easy setup and their preferences. There is flexibility to set profiles and wireless connection to link your device to multiple route planning services including MioShare™, Komoot, RouteYou and STRAVA Route. Also the Pal uses a transflective display to absorb the sunlight and an ambient sensor to adjust the backlight automatically. As a result, it increases the readability day and night.
In addition, the panel supports glove touch to fit the outdoor usage best.
In addition to the well-known MioShare website, we launched the MioShare app as well for easy setup, software updates, easy route-planning, route information and sharing experiences.

We introduced in September 2021 the new WeJoin™ feature to support the new trends of bike tour and outdoor activities. With the MioShare™ smartphone app, Pal user can easily start a group ride and invite their friends even with or without a Pal to join the journey through downloading the App. During the ride, the group members can see each other’s locations according to live tracking. Also you can add/share pictures, making the ride more of an experience on itself.

Knooppunten function
At the same time as the WeJoin function we introduced the unique built-in Node Network navigation, allowing cycling on the numbered junctions network path to become possible. Simple enter the numbers in the Pal device and it will create the route for you. So no more missing signs of knooppunten or looking up the next number to go to.

To make the biketour more of an experience vs simple following the navigation instructions – the NeverMiss™ function; it reminds you the tour spots and allows you to be your own tour guide and discover their stories. Notifications show up when you approach a tour spot. Scan the QR code to read your saved online notes

Shimano Steps integration (available in March)
Introducing in march the latest update of the Mio Cyclo Discover Pal is the Shimano steps integration. It supports Shimano STEPS E8000, E7000 and E6100 systems and will show the E-bike information on the Mio display, like battery status, speed, gearing etc..But more importantly it allows you to create a route based upon your battery capacity. You can use features like SurpriseMe enter your time or distance and it will create 3 random surprise routes pending on the battery of the Shimano STEPS systems.

NOTE: See link for a clip of the Mio product and MioShare app

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