The new cockpit enables various displays to be integrated and also almost entirely conceals the cables. Thanks to its special design unique the world over, the stem can be adjusted despite its internal cabling and adapted to the rider’s needs. The latest-generation Bosch motor also adheres to the integration concept and blends into the frame design. The Charger3 GT is ready for the digital future turning into a Connected E-Bike thanks to the RX Chip. The chip connects the E-Bike to the Internet, providing access to a growing number of useful and innovative services, such as locating and recovering it in the event of theft.

The Charger3 GT cannot fail to impress with its inimitable riding experience:
sporty, yet comfortable, it’s the perfect bike for everyday cycling. Besides the sporty chain drive, the Charger3 GT is also available with a low-maintenance carbon belt drive that delivers the ultimate in riding comfort as well as running quietly. Moreover, the Charger3 is available in the GX version, Riese & Müller’s off-road package, for anyone who likes to ride off the beaten track.

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